• Want to feel like you just came out of the ocean? Our grounding salts not only remove excess energies and toxins but leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Each 16 ounce jar contains Dead Sea salt, Epsom salts, essential oils and the crystals for that blend in a small bag at the bottom. A small sea shell is inside to scoop out the salts.
  • Made in small batches with sea salt, Himalayan salt, epsom salts, baking soda, with 100% organic essential oils. Packaged in 3'' x 4'' x 1'' paper pillow boxes, each blend has a different color label. $1.85 each, sold individually, more per package! Aaahhh...: lavender, bergamot, orange, palmarosa & patchouli Fuzzy Slippers: lavender, rosemary & marjoram Sweet Dreams: lavender, marjoram & clary sage! Enchanting: Sandalwood blend, rosewood, ylang ylang, orange and EO blend. *ORGANIC*